Franken Receives Farm Bureau Award 14 Sep 11

US Senator Al Franken was presented the Golden Triangle award from the National Farmers Union Tuesday night. The Golden Triangle is given to legislators who have demonstrated leadership on issues relevant to America’s family farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Senator Franken was honored for his work on twice introducing the Dairy Country of Origin Labeling Act as well as work on rural power issues. He also led the effort to increase the 2012 budget for the USDA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, and will be taking an active role in crafting the 2012 Farm Bill. This is the second time Franken has received the Farmers Union Golden Triangle.

  • fiscal conservative

    You must be joking. Wait a minute, that’s his job. How can a clown do anything but be a clown?

  • Political Observer

    Is the “Award” from the National FarmersUnion or the Farm Bureau?  The two organizations are very different politically.  Your reporter should know they are different.

  • Dale

    It was Farmers Union, not Farm Bureau