Drug Dealer “Pocket Dials” 911 07 Sep 11

A Le Sueur man faces criminal charges after “pocket-dialing” 911…while in the middle of a drug deal. Blue Earth County dispatch received a 911 call at about 3:45 Monday morning, but there was no response from the person on the line. The line stayed open, though, and authorities heard references to “selling drugs” and “being a dealer.” They traced the call to the River Hills Mall parking lot in Mankato, and arrested 22-year-old Bryce Thomas Prax with drugs and drug paraphernalia in his possession. He faces misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor charges.

  • Guest

    Ok this is SLANDER and its not the truth. Bryce Thomas Prax is not a drug dealer. Take it down

  • Guest

    Doesn’t look like slander to me.  I think someone is in denial!
    Serves you right for breaking the law – thanks for turning yourself in.

  • Erock86

    Wow I guess thats why hes a failed drug dealer, he must not be smart enough to do anything else