Chief Sleepy Eye Peace Pipe Ceremony 02 Sep 11

The Sleepy Eye Historical Society will be receiving a peace pipe from a descendant of Chief Sleepy Eye himself during a special ceremony Saturday afternoon. The pipe will be presented by Ish-Tak-Ha-Ba’s 7th generation grandchild, Karyn Douglas Cissell. Historical Society Director Debbie Joramo says it’s an important event for the City of Sleepy Eye. During the ceremony Saturday, a Dakota band from the Lower Sioux Agency will be performing, dancing and drumming also. A Native American spiritual advisor will be halping as well, and the peace pipe will be smoked by historical society board members and Cissell. The ceremony begins at 2pm Saturday at the monument to Chief Sleepy Eye and the Depot Museum on Oak Street Northwest in Sleepy Eye. It is open to the public, although those attending are asked to bring their own seating. Food will be served after the ceremony as well.