Olivia Baby Murder Trial Set 24 Aug 11

The trial of an Olivia man accused of killing an 18-month old girl has now been moved to March. A Renville County judge has ruled that there is probable cause to charge 20-year-old Sergio Turrubiates Jr with 2nd-degree murder for the December 2010 death of Tiana Moore. A motion by the defense to suppress statements made by Turrubiates to law enforcement officers has been denied as well. The judge concluded that the statements were voluntary and that Turribiates was not in custody at the time he was being interviewed. He was arrested later on in the interview after using a doll to show how he had shaken the child. She died of traumatic head injuries two days later, and the death was ruled a homicide. Turrubiates initially claimed that the child had hit her head while he was playing with her. He remains in custody on a $2-million bond, and his trial is now set to start on March 12th.