Lake Crystal Murder Update 11 Aug 11

A rural Lake Crystal woman accused of murdering her husband has asked that all charges against her be dismissed because she wasn’t properly read her rights. The attorney for Jennifer Nibbe says she was asked “incriminating” questions while being interrogated in a police squad car following the death of James Nibbe, and that her right to consult an attorney was violated. James Nibbe was shot to death in his bed in the couple’s home last August, and his wife claimed that it was an intruder. Investigators found no evidence to support that story, however, and Nibbe was arrested in September. Recent autopsy results have revealed that James Nibbe had HIV and hepatitis at the time of his death as well. Jennifer Nibbe has been tested several times for the diseases since then, and all results have been negative. Her attorney has also asked that any possible third-party relationship her husband was involved in be a part of her defense. She has been charged with 1st-degree murder.