Fairmont Murder Guilty Plea 09 Aug 11

A Fairmont woman charged with 3rd-degree murder following the accidental drug overdose of a friend pleaded guilty on Monday.

33-year-old Tamara Lynn Hill was arrested last October after allegedly giving the prescription pain-killer Fentanyl to 39-year-old Thomas Anderson. His body was found in his Fairmont apartment on October 12th, with a package of Hill’s prescription of the powerful opiate and drug paraphernalia underneath his body.

An investigation showed that he attempted to smoke the substance in the Fentanyl patch, causing a fatal overdose. Hill entered a guilty plea Monday in exchange for a stay of execution of prison time and up to 25 years of probation, along with numerous conditions of release.

She would likely spend 6 months to a year in the Martin County Jail as well. A pre-sentence investigation will be conducted prior to her sentencing on September 19th.