Butter Sculptor Visits AMPI 22 Aug 11

The person responsible for 40 years of Princess Kay of the Milky Way “Butterheads” will visit the source of that butter for the first time ever today (MON). Minnesota State Fair Butter-Sculptor Linda Christensen will be visiting the AMPI plant in New Ulm later this morning to see where those 90-pound blocks of butter she works with come from. Christensen has carved more than 450 sculptures out of 32,000 pounds of butter over her 40 years of carving the likeness of Princess Kay finalists. New Ulm’s AMPI has been providing the butter for the event since 1993. A new Princess Kay of the Milky Way will be crowned Wednesday night, and the State Fair gets underway Thursday. KNUJ will have interviews with the 6 local-area Princess Kay finalists beginning this evening.